Websites, especially Business Directories and Portals are never done. What is here today will be more next week. Basically, this site’s contents are businesses or organizations with complete E-commerce multi-page websites, and located in ILLIANA. Businesses Exclusions: Trade directories, only with NO websites or brief descriptions on listing sites like Yellow Pages ONLY® or plus.google ONLY , are NOT included. Also not included are Facebook® pages. Small to medium business are included, but large national businesses or franchises are generally not included unless the operator has a local-location website.
In 2001 BEAMSCO created our first Portal and Business Directory [ AllAroundDanville.com]. In 2006 BEAMSCO sold the first portal and built Danville & DanvilleAreaBusinesses Directories. In 2008 BEAMSCO began creating ILLIANAtoday.com a full Portal and Business Directory. In 2014 we began revisions on this Directory and Portal.
Add or Edit your free Website Listing. On this New Directory businesses can Claim and Revise their information posted.
UNLISTED businesses can go to the Contact page and submit a request to be included in this directory and select their Category(s) at no charge. We will then link your websites from the directory.